Saturday Prayer – All Hallow’s Eve

Photo of a cemetery in Poland, from

We sing the old hymns or we carve smiles into pumpkins.

We light candles or we switch on flashlights.

We recite prayers or we slide masks over our faces.

Wearing our Sunday clothes on a Saturday, we hold hands in a church pew;  or – perhaps in a cape or a princess wig –  we take hands to cross the twilit street.

There are tears (and sometimes smiles) as we remember the wisdom of elders who have died; and there are smiles (and maybe tears) at the eager faces of children expecting only a treat when they singsong “trick-or-treat” at the front door.

Whatever we do today,
we stick out our collective tongue at Death.
However we celebrate,
we are all shouting, “You don’t scare us, Grim Reaper!”
And just for today,  in the church building and on the street corner,
we mean it.